The Organization:

Valley Youth House (VYH) provides services to at-risk youth and their families in the areas of prevention, intervention, counseling, life skills, and behavioral health. These services support youth and their families as they work towards a better future.

The Need:

Founded in 1973, VYH has grown exponentially since its inception. Originally serving the Lehigh Valley, VYH has expanded into Philadelphia and boasts over XX programs. This growth, along with the hiring of a new executive director, led VYH to reexamine its brand. What they found was a brand that did not change with the organization, and therefore did not grasp its full breadth. VYH decided to undergo a full rebranding to fix this inequity and charged me with rewriting their tagline.

The Solution:

Through meetings with VYH and my review of their environmental scan, two things became very clear:

  • One, VYH helps everyone from children to young adults to families, and the tagline had to address all of these demographics. (Their current one only touched on children.)
  • Second, they really liked the theme that was uncovered during their environment scan, “building a foundation for all.”

How do you create a catchy, succinct tagline while combining this theme with the broad demographics of people served? Brainstorming. Lots of brainstorming. I provided VYH with a few options, and the reasons behind them, and after sitting with it for a few days they chose their favorite. They chose this option because it’s inclusive, incorporates their theme, and states not only what they do but also the outcomes of their work. VYH helps a lot of people in a lot of ways and this tagline does not limit them to any one service or demographic.