The Organization:

The HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania (HSX) connects the electronic medical record systems of various health systems and healthcare insurers. By creating this exchange, up-to-date patient information is available at all points of care, ensuring that patients receive the best, most appropriate treatment.

The Need:

At the end of 2013, HSX had 1,500 practitioners connected in their test phase. By the end of 2014, however, their goal was to connect 5,000 practitioners. To help reach this goal, HSX produced a video that explained how the system works and the benefits it provides. HSX then engaged me to turn the video script into a tri-fold brochure.

The Solution:

A video has the benefit of motion graphics, music, and enhanced visuals to support the message. Without those supports, the video script would need to be reworked in order to succeed as a brochure. After familiarizing myself with the video and the script, I began to conceptualize the tri-fold brochure. Following the same flow as the video, I broke the script into sections that could serve as the panels of the brochure. I then determined the necessary information for each section and updated the copy so anyone who has not seen the video could understand what HSX does and how it does it. This resulted in a brochure that can serve as a complement to the video, or as an informative, standalone piece of collateral.