CareLink's mission is to equip adults living with mental illness with the tools to live healthy and fulfilling lives. We invest unconditionally in the success of every individual who walks through our doors.

The Organization:

CareLink Community Support Services offer a variety of services to adults living with mental illness. Through CareLink’s individualized service plans, adults receive support in education, employment, care management, and housing.

The Need:

In 2014, CareLink went through a full rebranding to differentiate themselves from health and social service providers. With a new logo, tagline, and color palette in place, CareLink had their new visual identity. But a brand isn’t just about how you look; it’s also about what you say and how you say it.  So CareLink set out to refresh their copy to ensure it matched their new brand. The first step? Updating their mission statement.

The Solution:

When organizations decide to update their brand, there can be resistance when it comes to changing their mission statement. After all, an updated brand doesn’t change the vision and goals of an organization. However, it’s important that the organization communicates its mission in a way that aligns with its new branding guidelines, ensuring one unified voice.

CareLink understood this and seized the opportunity to update their mission statement. Their current mission statement was very broad and didn’t get at the heart of how they do what they do. CareLink is unique because they do not provide solutions or a road map; they have individuals create their own road map and then support them in navigating their way to achievement. This allows them to create individualized service plans for each person in their service.

Through collaboration with CareLink and their branding company, we were able to refocus the mission statement onto CareLink’s unique approach, further separating them from their competitors. The result is a mission statement that speaks more specifically to who they help and how they help them.