The Organization:

CareLink Community Support Services offer a variety of services to adults living with mental illness. Through CareLink’s individualized service plans, adults receive support in education, employment, care management, and housing.

The Need:

In 2014, CareLink went through a full rebranding to differentiate themselves from health and social service providers. With a new logo, tagline, and color palette in place, CareLink had their new visual identity. But a brand isn’t just about how you look; it’s also about what you say and how you say it. So before CareLink could show off their new visual identity, they needed to ensure their copy matched their new brand. CareLink tasked me with updating their copy for their eight service brochures.

The Solution:

Each of the eight tri-fold brochures focused on a different service area that CareLink provides. An individual could need a variety of combinations of these services so all eight brochures needed to not only flow as a cohesive unit, but also work as individual brochures. The audience for these brochures ranged from the individuals who may need CareLink services to CareLink partners such as the court system, hospitals, and therapists.

To create continuity, I first established section headers that could be used across all of the brochures. I then updated the copy to match their new brand guidelines, while also making it more succinct. A brochure with too much copy will never be read, so I created opportunities for bulleted lists and kept the paragraphs short and informative. The result is a unified series of individual brochures that speak in CareLink’s voice.