Some people follow a straight path to their career. Me? I took the scenic route. Although I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer, that desire has taken many forms. I’ve worked in marketing, public relations, and journalism. Now, I’m where I always should have been, as a copywriter and proofreader. But it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you arrive, right?

All of these experiences provide me with a unique perspective on my clients and their projects. I am not only able to write the compelling copy my clients need, but I also understand the broader strategy behind the project. This creates a strong partnership between myself and my clients, and leads to successful engagements.

With clients covering a wide range of industries, no two projects are exactly the same. To create the most effective copy, I take the time to build a strong relationship with each client, allowing for a better understanding of their voice, audience, and objectives. Check out my portfolio to see some of my most recent work.

Whether for work or pleasure, I’m always writing. My writing has been featured on BuzzFeed, Hello Giggles, and Inside Lacrosse. When I’m not writing, I’m trying new recipes, cheering on my favorite teams, and attempting to stay in shape. I have serious wanderlust, and spent four months traveling Europe alone last year. This year, I’m off to Peru. It’s just my nature to take the scenic route.